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Ward Grove Christmas Tree Farm
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If your tree has been cut more than one hour before placing in water, make a new cut � inch up the trunk to open the capillaries that have been sealed by sap. If not setting up the tree immediately, place it in a bucket of water and out of the sun or wind to help maintain freshness.

Before mounting the tree in the tree stand, rinse the stand's water container with one capful of bleach in one cupful of water. This treatment will reduce the growth of mold that can block the tree's ability to absorb water. Cut one-half inch from the base of the tree and place in the stand with water as soon as possible. Add water daily and do not let the water level drop to the level of the cut end of the trunk. Also do not place the tree near a heat source or vent. This is particularly important when drought conditions have been prevalent. However a fresh cut tree will stay green and retain needles far better than one that has been cut for several weeks, shipped to your location and displayed on a store lot without water.

Fresh trees are not a fire hazard when properly displayed and watered. Keeping the tree in water is the most important part of Christmas tree care. Special preservatives such as sugar, aspirin, or cola are not required to preserve freshness. All that is needed is plain, clean tap water in sufficient quantity to keep the base of the tree covered at all times. Christmas trees should be placed in cool areas away from drafts and potential sources of warm air. Trees should not be placed near fireplaces, heaters, furnace vents or television sets. Christmas trees do not cause fires, but they should be handled to prevent being placed near sources of ignition. Light cords and connections used on the tree or in other holiday decorations must be in good working order to ensure a safe and joyous holiday season. Lights should always be unplugged when leaving home or going to bed.

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